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A couple days ago, I rewatched Red vs Blue season ten for the first time, and ugh, Project Freelancer, you assholes.

Amber, Amber, what are you doing, what's up, are you crying at Red vs Blue again?

No, no, I'm crying at the soundtrack, that's totally different.

Because the track on the season ten soundtrack called "C.T."? It's actually an epic instrumental arrangement of season nine's "Can't Trust Anybody Now," the song about how the Freelancers thought they had found something special together but in the end all got their lives wrecked as a result of the program ("you always dreamed that there'd more to life than all the lies / a place you'd find where you weren't all alone / but now you look around, at what you've learned / and face the truth / that you may never find a home"), and C.T., my baby. :(

And then track 17, "Pray":

Maybe a definite epitaph would've been generous
But all I get's a whisper, "Yo, where the fuck is Connecticut?"
They want your armor so believe in one simple fact
Just for that they'll take your face off, just like that
Lies and deceit, disguise and critique
Be on your P's and Q's with everybody you meet
And trust is a weakness on this side of the fleet
'Cause they'll fake showin' loving and leave you bleedin' in the street
And that's real
Pray for the day that the lies don't find you
Pray that the end isn't right behind you

(Yes, C.T. dies, in part, because the suit of armor she was wearing when she defected was considered a military asset.)

And then there's "Come On Carolina," which has a really upbeat sound and could even be kind of funny in parts if it weren't so obviously from York's point of view and he died still fucking loving her, and jkasdjasljdklajkl "Come on, Carolina. Let's run, Carolina. We'll leave this place and fly through space and start a different life, and have babies with green eyes." So it's not even funny, it's just life-destroying.

The season ten soundtrack closes out with the song that plays as Connie dies in her lover's arms, and it's really just a stupidly beautiful song in its own right.

In my arms, close to me,
your body broke, your soul was set free.
You left this world, my treasured friend.
The´╗┐ chapter closed, but love has no end.
Farewell my angel. You are with me always.
Just close your eyes now. Next time we meet it's forever.

And this is just my girls! The number of feelings I have about York, Wash, North, Theta, Flowers, Alpha, Epsilon, Delta, ugh, just, this show. Remember back in season one when it was funny? :P


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