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i got to pet FOUR dogs today

the chihauhau was my favorite. she is blind but she is still cheery and she will let anyone pet her but she can recognize her human by smell and only gave kisses to her human and anyway she is only in town for the holidays so i gave her extra attention because florida is a billion miles from here


Nov. 19th, 2013 03:55 pm
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I've eliminated about sixty dollars' worth of family Christmas purchases I can't afford by realizing that I can just give people my copies of things. I take care of my books and DVDs, so they're in near-new condition. I'm just making everyone's life easier by having already removed the shrink wrap. :P
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I'm incapable of updating this thing regularly. My life is the same as it's been for a while. Same good things, same bad things, same soft and adorable and asshole cat. I am pretty excited about summer t.v.

Falling Skies
Major Crimes
Red vs Blue

and the House of Anubis finale movie

so I will probably be writing a little more about t.v. again soon. I will write about real life if anything interesting ever happens, but maybe we'll just hope for silence for a while since interesting isn't always good. :X
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"House of Defeat." I already feel defeated by how late this episode went up today. )

I have some real life shit to talk about, too, but I guess it can wait until after tomorrow's finale. :P Because I just... don't care. Got a great big shrug going for anything important these days.
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I am tired and cranky and not emotionally capable of dealing with the fact that last night's House of Anubis isn't online yet. Did it even air? What if it didn't air? What if the rest of the season just lingers in the nether forever and ever? Even amazon says that the episode is unavailable. Life is so horrible sometimes.


Feb. 13th, 2013 06:20 pm
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Okay, so, I am going to Kentucky tomorrow. Unless we get snowed in tonight or something. So I will be back late Monday. I will be checking email if the hotel wireless is agreeable, so that's the best way to get in touch. I don't expect I'll be needed, but I don't like disappearing on people.


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