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I have a headache but let's do this, the show got picked up for its fifth and final season next summer, I guess I can see it through.

Ben and Margaret are being wasteful with candles and making out, because there's nothing creepier than an adult sleeping with the teenage brother of her ex-boyfriend. Is he even her ex? Like, did they break up at any point, or did she just give him the cold shoulder for a couple weeks and then they got separated and he still thinks they're together but she's fucking his baby brother, I can't, even, I can't, why is this happening to me. I thought Ben and Denny were a thing, did I misread that? I guess I did.

Oh cool it was just a dream. I am relieved, that was some really wasteful candle usage! Poor Ben, awkward boner after a dream about the woman who woke him up from said dream.

Lexi's all gross and slimy, she's probably dying or turning into an alien, whatever.

Big Mason family reunion minus Ben. Ben's not really, uh, down for hugging right now. Oh, there's Ben! And Anne! Aww geez you losers, I'm glad you're all together.

"Lexi?" Tom asks. Awkward story, Anne says, turns out you're not her dad, some alien is??

Uh Lourdes just found Lexi in some weird alien cocoon, good times. And Lourdes why would you wear two-inch heels in paradise, what kind of horrible paradise doesn't have sensible footwear.

Pope's excited because there are apples. And the return of Hershey's product placement!

Hal and Margaret reunite and rekindle their romance. Ben looks on awkwardly. Worst love triangle. I'm glad we're spending screen time on this instead of, like, I don't know, god forbid we fight aliens or spend some time developing some of the POC characters.

Hypnosis for repressed memories, of course, every show does this.

I'm so bored, am I just moody or is this show not as good as it used to be.

Oh god, Anne is remembering her son. D: Her son's death. Jesus.

Lexi's cocoon infected Weaver, I am so tired of this stuff. LEAVE WEAVER ALONE.

Margaret on the outskirts of Chinatown rallying the cynics to take out Lexi, but Hal just walked in on this speech and he looks unhappy. Hahahaha, I hate this couple, just stop even trying.

This isn't how hypnosis works.

Pope's leading an assault on Lexi. Lourdes and the others link arms to stop him. He calls Lourdes an "Espheni-loving little bitch," because he's classy like that.

Ben, don't look so happy, she's choosing sides, not boys.

I left so much out of that but I don't care today. My heart is not in anything, oops.
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