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These two screencaps I smushed together for my 1.02 recap --

-- I was looking at it this morning and realized that the two POVs the camera switches between here have the same color scheme, the same green and red and blue, and it is so well done and provides such a nice visual cohesion to the scene, and I am not one to notice these things often because I am not visually oriented but I am always impressed when I do.

It's a very visually striking show, I do not know why I continue to be surprised by anything at all, but this pleases me.

(This evening: 1x03! Super excited.)

rvb 11x13

Sep. 23rd, 2013 07:52 pm
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Tucker: "There are no friends in this canyon. Only forced acquaintances." Aw. :(
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Red vs Blue 11.11. Must be the angel episode. )
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Major Crimes 2x10. fml )
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I haven't done this in a while. Overemotional Red vs Blue liveblog. 11x08 "The Grass is Greener. The Blues are Bluer." Waaaaaash (Is not even in this episode, it turns out, but I wrote my cut text before I watched.) )


new favorite episode

until next week, that is

assuming next week is even one-tenth of what i hope

(i will settle for amusing shenanigans since my otp will not actually be hooking up ever)
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Falling Skies 3x10 )

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GUYS. Falling Skies 3x08 )

I have nothing to say about Copper other than man, Lee Tergesen, why so gross in every role?
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Goodbye, my lovelies.

Thank you for the last two and a half years. Thank you for being something stable and consistent when my life wasn't. And thank you for saving the world, like, a bunch of times.

Now. Touchstone of Ra spoilers )

(I'm probably crying a little right now. If I'm being honest.)
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Shit, son.

Falling Skies 3x03 )
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A couple days ago, I rewatched Red vs Blue season ten for the first time, and ugh, Project Freelancer, you assholes.

Amber, Amber, what are you doing, what's up, are you crying at Red vs Blue again?

No, no, I'm crying at the soundtrack, that's totally different.

Season ten spoilers. Also, no one cares. )
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More Rusty Beck feels than you can shake a stick at.
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True story: I keep getting distracted and forgetting to rewatch Falling Skies 2x10. But the new season is in, like, an hour. )
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I'm incapable of updating this thing regularly. My life is the same as it's been for a while. Same good things, same bad things, same soft and adorable and asshole cat. I am pretty excited about summer t.v.

Falling Skies
Major Crimes
Red vs Blue

and the House of Anubis finale movie

so I will probably be writing a little more about t.v. again soon. I will write about real life if anything interesting ever happens, but maybe we'll just hope for silence for a while since interesting isn't always good. :X
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Falling Skies 2x09 rewatch, because ninety minutes was too much to hope for. )

To be continued again! I can only remember one scene from 2x10, so it will be new and exciting for me.

listen up

May. 17th, 2013 07:14 pm
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I just want to give everyone a great big hug.

Things will be better someday. I promise.

After the apocalypse, things will be better.

First they'll be worse, probably, but then they'll be better!

Just think of all the stuff we can loot after the apocalypse.

We're all gonna be so well-dressed when we rebuild society.

Except me, I'll still be wearing jeans and sweats, but I will have some nice sneakers, okay.

It's all gonna be awesome.

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This is seriously the only episode reaction that can possibly be sufficient.

So frustrated with this show. At least something in my life is consistent. Grey's Anatomy will always mess with my head and make me cry and make me laugh and make me rage! (Grey's Anatomy and chocolate are the only things I can trust. Because I'm a girl.)

"The bad things come suddenly, with no warning... but we forget that sometimes that's how the good things come, too."

No, voiceover, don't try to make this okay, this is so very much not okay.

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So in season four of Fringe, Peter and Olivia are driving somewhere and The Airborne Toxic Event's "Changing" is playing on the radio. It's actually a song about why it's maybe not a great idea to bang the friend on whose couch you're crashing, but I'm sure it was selected because the chorus could vaguely apply to Peter's situation when taken out of context:

What if I was the same man, same man, the same I always was?


It's totally my headcanon that Peter went out and bought a copy of All At Once, because so much of different bits of the songs on there remind me a bit of Peter and Olivia and the life they lead, and I love to imagine him listening to it during some of those long nights alone.

The associations I draw manage to make both the story and the songs sound trite. My headcanons always are, though. )

Ugh, excuse me, I'm just totally sadface and listening to this album, I'll be fine.
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"House of Heroes," because sleep is for the unobsessed. This will probably be sparse, on account of all the feels I will undoubtedly be having. )
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So it looks like I am not watching House of Anubis in real time tonight, which is totally fine but if I get spoiled I'm gonna choke a Mara, not even kidding.
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