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Happy Labor Day, dudes, I am celebrating by spending my afternoon recapping the two-part Falling Skies season finale no matter how painful it gets.

Previously, on Falling Skies: Tom's gonna fly a beamer to the moon, and Lexie told the Espheni to fuck right the fuck off.

Really enjoying the use of color in this scene, everything so undersaturated and apocalypse-gray except for Lexie's red robes. Is the Red Riding Hood allusion intentional? Has Lexie grown into her inherent (and, not coincidentally, female) power and escaped the wolf? I don't care, I'm reading it that way.

Lexie says she's really, really, really sorry about that time she killed Lourdes and stuff. Having seen her time away from the 2nd Mass, I believe her, but her parents are like "fuck off," Pope's planning to kill her, this homecoming isn't going the way she expected.

Ha, Pope just snipered Lexie but she plucked the bullet out of the air.

Tom and Anne have had a rough marriage so far, have they gotten along for ten minutes since the wedding?

Pope's cracking up, I'm actually enjoying it. Like, I am 100% still pissed at the show for trying to redeem him, but it's good to see someone crack under all the trauma, even if I'd have preferred it to be a more sympathetic character. (I have not forgotten season one, writers, okay. You can't make me forget.)

Cochise has so much faith in his loser dad. "If he chooses to respond." Right, because his dad disowned him. Did Tom not know that? Was that only subtext? Because I've been assuming that all season.

Cochise/Shaq. That's some serious loyalty to stay behind on a dying planet with your leader's disowned son.

I actually do believe Lexie's legit at this point, and they're writing her so well because she really is a confused child a lot of the time, I've said this before but it's so good to see a rapidly aged scifi child still have remnants of a child in her personality.

Dan's trying to talk to Tom in terms of US History 101. IT'S THE ONLY LANGUAGE TOM SPEAKS. And he just called Lexie Stalin in this metaphor, ha.

So Tom is taking Lexie to the moon instead of Ben now. God, can we get Lexie some new clothes?

jfc Matt. So Matt showed up to the launch with a bottle to christen the ship (I hope it's empty and symbolic, don't waste good booze on this), then he turned to Lexie and said, "I don't care how powerful you are, if you hurt my dad I'll find a way to make you pay." Big brother of the year.

Ben said something something wasn't fair, and Tom said, "If things were fair, I'd be teaching second period American history right now." I. Tom was a college professor. College classes don't run on periods. Was Tom planning on giving up his professor seat to teach middle school or what. What, writers. Do you even care. Do you even watch your own show I swear to god.

Everyone is just saying mean shit to Lexie before the launch, god, I'm laughing but it's so sad. Hal just gave his dad a poison that might be able to kill Lexie. Margaret's still blaming everyone but herself for her choices. Hal and Margaret need to go sit in a corner and think about their lives.

Awkward father-daughter road trip to the moon.

She's nervously playing with her hair. Ugh, such a good directing choice. Ha, Tom says it's something Anne does, I didn't remember that, I thought it was a nervous kid thing.

They have to cocoon themselves to survive the trip. Tom's freaking out a little. What a trust fall.

The whole mission happened while Tom was in a cocoon during the commercial break, he's back on Earth and with Hal and Anne and everything's great, the mission was a success! :D Fifty-fifty odds that this is a cocoon dream sequence, right??

Lexie in human clothes with her brown hair back aaaaaaaaaah :D She's human now, radiation from the moon explosion killed her Espheni DNA, blah blah. Jesus is any of this actually happening, everyone's way too happy, I don't trust it.

"A fair fight," "a winnable war," everyone is soooo happy, "the light at the end of the tunnel," "I've dreamt about this day."

Margaret wants to talk to Lexie alone, god, is she gonna shank a teenager, don't do that. Okay, that forgiveness came waaaaay too easy.

Pope left. He'll be back, don't worry. Pope always comes back.

Successful battle, celebratory drinking, Tom looks really confused, is Tom starting to doubt reality, too, Tom knows better. His hot wife is calling delayed honeymoon, though, so that's a nice distraction. He is having his doubts, though, ha ha ha okay he just figured it out, ha, laughing so hard, I knewwwwwwww it.

Nothing good ever happens, happy 2nd Mass means either imminent attack or a dream sequence, this one was the latter. Wakey wakey, Tom.

Still in the dream, Hal tells Tom, "Lexie wants what all of your children want when we've made a mistake."
Tom says, "What's that, an escape from reality or an escape from responsibility?"
Wow, Tom, fuck right the fuck off.
Dream Tom and Hal and Matt are pointing out to Tom that the Espheni have fucked with and mind controlled (or at least attempted mind controlled) every single one of his children and he's forgiven and saved them all except Lexie. I didn't really think of it until Ben said it. "Me with the spikes, Hal with the eye bugs, Matt at that camp." Gosh.

Tom caught in a dream sequence about being an inadequate father, I am kinda laughing.

So Tom and Lexie made up, I wasn't listening, I was checking tumblr. But they're smiling at each other aw yay time to land on the moon whoo yay.

"I'm the twenty-fifth human to visit the moon," Tom says.
"Which makes me the twenty-sixth," Lexie says, taking his hand.
And Tom tells her they can make happy dream land real. Ha, okay. But Margaret might not play along.

Lexie's smile faded, that's a bad sign, the bomb is leaking, that's not good.

I'm goonna scrounge up some lunch and come back for part two. This episode has been less disappointing than most of the season, so. :D

Heartbeat and ragged breathing. Dingaan having a bad day? What am I watching. Everyone's staring at the moon. Anne has a giant gun. Matt's practicing throwing knives. The heartbeat is v. dramatic. Beamer to the moon. The Espheni are making power from moon rocks. A weird alien we've never seen before just killed a dude in front of Dingaan who is having a bad dream, I guess, man, trauma sucks? Or did he really just find a swamp full of dying people? I don't care.

Hal's being passive aggressive to his brother, what else is new.

I have cookies, I made them while I ate lunch, they are warm and soft and good.

I guess Weaver's teaching Matt how to throw knives at skitter hearts, but uh, iirc from season one that's not even the sweet spot to kill a skitter. SHOW, I AM DONE WITH YOU I SWEAR.

Dingaan is back, he's looking worse for wear, I guess that was all really happening.

Tom's reading the book Anne gave him for their wedding gift, Lexie's flying the beamer, now Tom is shitting himself because the bomb's casing broke and now the bomb is broken, boo, much stressful.

Space battle drama blah blah their ship just got taken by a bigger ship. Do you think it's Cochise's dad? I bet it's Cochise's dad, come to save the day.

Oh ha I think the place Dingaan found was a human skitter making place. Good times.

Margaret and Hal are breaking up fuck yeah.

God the Espheni just dropped a pod of human skitterization on the 2nd Mass's camp.

Oh sweetie that rosary's not gonna save you. Look around you, does it look like God's listening to anyone's prayers these days?

Did Weaver just try to. Barricade windows. With wood. To keep out fog. Does he think that's how physics works.

Ok no, it's an Espheni ship, they harnessed Mira because brainwashing her wasn't enough. I thought she was dead? The Espheni is choking Lexie with her own unity necklace, gosssh.

This is a very effective weapon, the human skitter bug pods. Matt killed one of the bugs with his throwing knife, but then he didn't have the knife anymore so??

"Every weapon has its weakness," Anne says, throwing a flare at the fog. Alright.

Lexie's saying she handed Tom over to the Espheni, but I'm not really buying it. Tom is, though, Tom has no faith.

Weaver has Matt chanting "The fight isn't over 'til it's over!" to keep from losing hope, and it has the nice double effect of leading Anne to them. "Damn straight!" she says, flame throwering the fog.

Ben and Margaret are trying to save Hal, they're gonna throw him a cable, and Ben says, "You're gonna have to trust us" and Hal says, "Because it's so easy to trust you these days" and you're gonna have to stop being A GIANT FREAKING PISSBABY if you want to get out of this, Hal.

Pope just tore a skitter bug umbilical cord with his teeth, it was pretty gross, but am I supposed to forget that Pope was a white supremacist piece of shit just because he saved a black man's life in this scene? Because ha ha ha no I didn't forget.

Chekhov's poison syringe straight in the Espheni overlord, whoo.

Tom, if you get off this ship without taking Mira with, so help me.

So the Overlord used his dying breath to break the ship, but Lexi still thinks she can use it to break the power plant, but she'll have to sacrifice herself, such drama.

Ben and Margaret save Hal and he says, "It's good to see you two working so well together." Hal, I swear, like, I know how much infidelity hurts but you need to shut up you entitled whiny brat.

This whole thing with Lexie is really depressing. And I didn't forget that Mira's on that suicide ship too. >:|

Sarah came back and saved Pope and Dingaan. Listen, I'm really enjoying the women being the heroes in this particular crisis. Dudes in distress is a good trope.

Weaver's dying via skitter bug and is giving Anne a big speech about being proud of her. "And I honor you, as a woman and as a soldier and as a mom." Jesus, I don't want to start crying but, haha, my favorite character is dying and using it as an opportunity to praise femalehood in all its capacities, haha, don't touch me.

Cochise's dad is coming to save the day, he's forgiving Cochise for being gay for Earth. But, uh, I don't think he was in time to save Lexie and Mira, bringing our female body count for the season up to like ninety.

Tom's beamer got EMPed and he's in free fall but there are six minutes left so I'm not worried. Everyone wakes up, the fog is gone, Lexie saved everything, Weaver's okay, too (what's one more trauma), aaaah. :)

Margaret and Sarah are bantering. Why isn't Margaret taking this moment to say, "By the by, one woman to another, that dude you're banging let his men rape me and then told me I should thank him for it, so, uh, heads up." But no, no, that would have made me happy, so no, instead I have to watch Pope and Sarah touch foreheads, ugh, I'm sick.

One more season, I guess we'll spend it fighting the skitterized humans, good times.

Anne inscribed that book to Tom, "You're the reason I'm still fighting," and there's a picture in there of Tom and his dead wife and their boys, Tom's all hunkered down with paper remnants of his family and waiting to die in his adrift ship.

The Volm are looking for him but "it's like a needle in the ocean," gosh.

"If I know one thing for sure," Anne says, "Tom always finds his way home. And until he does, we have to finish what he started. We have to end this war." Anthony and his group made it back. Did Denny die earlier this season, where's Denny, why did they kill all the WOC but Anne, this has been a deadly show for diversity. Also, it hasn't escaped my notice that no one who survived the apocalypse is gay. I noticed.

Tom is stuck in a VR/dream/ hallucination/something. "Tom Mason," a female alien monster of some kind says.
"I had no idea," Tom tells her, "you're beautiful." I don't know, I don't want to know, god, see y'all next summer, ugh.
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