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So at the end of season 11, our four heroes who are left, who have not yet been killed or captured, are rescued and taken to the rebellion's base and asked to please, please... well...

Tucker: Man, we're really all that made it?

The four sadly lower their heads. Felix emerges from atop a boulder.

Felix: Hey, something's come up. Follow me.

Simmons, Caboose, Grif, and Tucker follow Felix. Cut to two soldiers

New Republic Soldier A: Dude, I'm telling you, it's them!

New Republic Soldier B: Woah, maybe we're not fucked.

Cut to Kimball speaking with the Reds and Blues

Kimball: Michael Caboose, Dexter Grif, Richard Simmons, and Lavernius Tucker. The four of you have traveled great distances, retrieved ancient artifacts, brought corrupt men to justice, and bested the most dangerous war criminals this galaxy has ever knowm. And now it seems fate has brought you to our doorstep.

Grif: No pressure.

Kimball: I am aware that you've been informed of our situation, and I understand your reluctance to fight a war that is not your own, but we've just received word that the Federal Army has your friends alive and in captivity.

Tucker: They're okay?!

Simmons: What's gonna happen to them?

Kimball: We're not sure. But, if they're alive, it means they can be rescued. And, it means this war may become yours after all.

Grif: Ah, shit.

Kimball: So, I'm going to make you a promise. if you help us take back our planet, we'll help you take back your friends. And when it's all over, you can take our best ship, and fly as far away from this place as you want. I know it's not the best offer, but what do you say?

Grif: Look, lady. I don't know what you think we can do, but I seriously doubt we can actually do it.

Kimball: This war has gone on for too long. Too many people have died, and our remaining soldiers are young, inexperienced, and scared. But you give them hope. They've heard what you've done and they will look to you for guidance; they will run with you into battle, they will follow your orders, if you choose to lead them. I can't do this alone.

Simmons: Sarge is gone. Wash is gone. How the hell are we supposed to do this without them?

Tucker: Yeah, none of us have ever led anyone before.

Caboose: Well, not for very long.

Kimball: I know, but…you just need to try.

Well, okay, okay, listen, look what the current head writer tweeted the other day:

And I am seriously so excited for this.

People more clever than I have been blowing up tumblr with speculation and jokes and headcanons about each of the guys as leaders (the best was someone imagining Simmons in charge of an all-female squad), but I am content to just wait and take it all in, wherever Miles goes with it. It's pretty much guaranteed to be hilarity.
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