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RvB 11x17

Sarge: "We're not here to make sense, private, we're here to win!"

Caboose: "I still can't see."
Tucker: "Open your eyes."
Caboose: "Oh my god, the graphics are incredible!"

Oh, well, this next exchange made me suck in a big breath of air and then start crying.
Wash: "So how bad is this?"
Felix: "The man coming for us is named Locus. He's a merc, like me... only, you know, terrifying."
Wash: "'Locus'?"
Felix: "Yeah. Guy's so far off the deep end he prefers to go by the name of his armor instead of the name he was born with. [cuckoo whistle]"
Wash: "That's unsettling."
Felix: "Oh, are you first name 'Agent,' last name 'Washington'? That's so weird."
Wash: "That's just... old habits."

Felix: "Welcome to the future, Wash. The technology's incredible, and everyone uses it to kill each other."

Wash: "Actually, I think I might indulge in some of those old habits you were talking about. Follow me."
Felix: "Man, you are just... cryptic. Like, all the time. Do you realize that?"

Donut: "Well, it just goes to show that with time, effort, and a little bit of elbow grease, we really can achieve wonders."
Tucker: "We spent hours turning this place into a war zone, and you made me hate it in one sentence."
Grif: "It's what he does."

Wash is back in his black and yellow. <3
Donut: "Ooh, back in black! Looks good, Wash."
Caboose: "Now there's something that brings back some memories. Like when we first met, and then we met again, aaand you shot Donut."

Locus: "Surrender now, and I promise to only kill the mercenary."
Simmons: "Well, fuck."

Felix: "Looks like backup isn't getting here in time."
Tucker: "Uh, Wash, what's the plan?"
Wash, in a creepy robot voice: "Engaging target."

Dun dun dun.

What the hell is up with mah baby Wash? The season DVD comes out in two weeks, so the season only has two more episodes, but I can't even say that all will be revealed soon. I think this storyline is going to carry over. Too much suspense. :(

...Oh holy shit wait was that voice an AI? DID WASH LET AN AI IN HIM AGAIN? I know he did at the end of season six, but that was only for about five minutes. If he did it again, in order to fight this battle and protect his people, I am going to be so moved. Aaaaah.

p.s. I really hope Church turns up in the season finale because there has never been an entire season without Church. :(