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one way or another, be it your own hands or the hand of God

Just a random thought on Hannibal episodes 1 through 5: We don't know at this point that Hannibal is killing and eating people. We assume, based on the source material, but in these first five episodes all we know is that he seems to be making a lot of cannibalism puns, that he is particular about his food, and that he had that brief image (not necessarily a memory) of hunting a man in the woods that one time someone asked him about the source of the meal. That last one is pretty damning, except that this is basically a show about how we all have horrible, fleeting violent thoughts, because it is a soothing show like that. Hell, Will actually says it aloud to his students in the first episode. So Hannibal very well could have just had a very morbid thought while thinking about his totally ethically butchered rabbit.

...Okay, I knoooooow that Hannibal is in fact a cannibalistic serial killer. But I still don't want him to be and I am pouting about it at the moment, that's all. :( I am just saying, if I never watched another second of the show, I could still pretend.

We all know that's not gonna happen, though. :P